[Answer] warum … ?

Answer: why … ?
warum … ?
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warum . wa•rum interrog adv why. warum nicht? why not? warum nicht gleich so! that’s better. nach dem Warum fragen to ask why. das Warum und Weshalb the whys and wherefores. Translation German – English Collins Dictionary. See also: warm war Wärme worum.
Warum ” Warum ” (English: “Why”) is a song by German band Juli. It was written by band members Simon Triebel and Eva Briegel and produced by O.L.A.F. Opal for their debut album Es ist Juli (2004). The song was the fourth single release from the album.
Miliza Korjus sang this song ” Warum ” (“Why”) for actress Dorothea Wieck in “Der Student von Prag” (D 1935). Please her my other video with Korjus sing a song…
Etymology. From Middle High German warumme war umme warumbe war umbe from Old High German wār umbe. Equivalent to wo (“where”) +‎ um (“in order to for the purpose of”) thus “for what purpose”. Doublet …

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