[Answer] Venir

Answer: to come
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venir a/de hacer algoto come to do something/from doing something. venir de algo to come from something. venir a alguien con algo to come to somebody with something. no me vengas con exigencias don’t come to me making demands. el año que viene next year.
Venir is an irregular -ir verb and needs the auxiliary verb être in compound tenses. Venir conjugations quiz
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VENIR is a conjugated form of the verb venir . Learn to conjugate venir .
Venir is commonly used to express the recent past — the idea that one has just done something. This construction is formed with the conjugated venir + de + the infinitive of the action that has just occurred. Je viens d’arriver / I (have) just arrived. Ils viennent de déjeuner / They just ate lunch.
venir de to come from. faire venir [+docteur plombier] to call to call out. faire venir quelqu’un to call somebody out. On a fait venir le médecin. We called the doctor. We called the doctor out. (pou…

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