[Answer] To summarize, the outcome of infection is a balance between:

Answer: Pathogen’s virulence; host immune integrity and response; pathogen’s
ability to escape immune response; medical intervention
To summarize the outcome of infection is a balance between:
Summary: The asymptomatic chronic phase of HIV infection is a dynamic balance between host and virus the outcome of which determines an individual’s course of disease. Evaluation of the factors that determine the immunologic threshold of disease progression could assist in designing therapeutic strategies including individualized timing of ART.
Infection control refers to the policy and procedures implemented to control and minimize the dissemination of infections in hospitals and other healthcare settings with the main purpose of reducing infection rates. Infection control as a formal entity was established in the early 1950s in the United States. By the late 1950s and 1960s a small number of hospitals began to recognize healthcare …
The COVID-19 outcome highly depends on a complicated interaction between the host virus and environment which affects the intensity of the host response and leads to different clinical courses of the disease. Therefore further studies particularly in the context of the host viral and environmental factors are required.
The goal of this systematic review was thus to summarize and decide if there were a link between vitamin D status and COVID-19 infection and prognosis. Methods The protocol of this study is documented in the Prospero database and can be ac…

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