[Answer] to remain, stay

Answer: manere
to remain stay
Remain as a verb: To stay behind while others withdraw; to be left after others have been removed or destroyed; to be left after a number or quantity has been subtracted or cut off; to be left as not included or comprised.
Noun. ( en noun ) State of remaining; stay . That which is left; relic; remainder; — chiefly in the plural. (plural only) remains : That which is left of a human being after the life is gone; relics; a dead body. The posthumous works or productions especially literary works of one who is dead.
1) REMAIN : – To continue to be without changing. ex : In spite of his break up he has remained cheerful and still… 2) STAY : – To continue or remain in a certain place position etc: ex : Stay outside ! Don’t come in with your dirty… 3) Verb to LEAVE LEFT LEFT .
intransitive verb. 1 a : to be a part not destroyed taken or used up only a few ruins remain . b : to be something yet to be shown done or treated it …

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