[Answer] to recreate oneself

Answer: inochi atte no monodane (命あっての物種)
to recreate oneself
How to recreate yourself Phase 1: Create a blueprint for your lifestyle Objective: To establish an original vision that stands the test of time and doubts then determine the changes you need to make this vision a reality.
I recreate myself; you recreate yourself; he/she/it recreates himself/herself/itself; we recreate ourselves; you recreate yourselves; they recreate themselves
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Whether you want to start a new job make a move or change multiple things there are lots of ways that you can recreate your life. Start by visualizing your future to get a clear view of what you want.
5) Make a serious commitment to yourself . In today’s day and age starting a “business” can be as quick and easy as putting together a website and that level of ease also brings with it the danger of not taking things as seriously as we sometimes should. Life is meant to be enjoyed and – as a general rule – should not be taken too …
Self care is an important thing that is often overlooked in modern soc…

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