[Answer] to escape with bare life

Answer: inochishirazu (命知らず)
to escape with bare life
Changing your environment can provide you with a brief escape from your everyday life. It will also show you ways that you can shake things up for yourself. Here are some ideas: Try a new restaurant that serves a cuisine you don’t commonly eat. Drive to a nearby city then go to a park a store and/or dinner. Go for a nature hike.
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Aristotle as Agamben notes constitutes political life via a simultaneous inclusion and exclusion of ” bare life “: as Aristotle says man is an animal born to life (Gk. ζῆν zen) but existing with regard to the good life (εὖ ζῆν eu zen) which can be achieved through politics.
In such a scenario all forms of resistance were futile as any escape or attempted riot was crushed with incredible brutality (Khalili 2008:110-115). Catherine Mills stipulates that this dynamic is what separates the purest form of bare life from other similar scenarios.
What happens when it hurts too much to live? Can it really be too painful to live one more moment with emptiness depression and despair? Yes for some people suicide seems like the only way out.
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