[Answer] to ask/plead for one’s life

Answer: inochikaragara nigeru (命からがら逃げる)
to ask/plead for one’s life
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That is one way to ask God to take your life and He will answer that prayer. You can also ask God to take your life as your question suggests to end your life. God will not bring it to an end on that request there are reasons for unanswered prayer It may not be His time to Answer your request or it may be that God will not hear you The bible states.
Aug 9 2021. #1. Lord Jesus I continue to ask for strong protection for my family and I esp. the little one (I plead the blood of Jesus over us and ask for a wall of Holy Spirit fire around each of us and your mighty warrior angels to surround us according to Ps 91 Ps. 34:7 Zech. 2:5 Isaiah 54:17 Isaiah 59:19 Ps3:3 2 Thess. 3:2-3 Jeremiah 15:20-21) and I ask for salvation (Your arm is not too short to save Lord.
1 [intransitive transitive] to ask someone for something in a very strong and serious way synonym beg plead (with somebody) (to do something) She pleaded with him not to go. plead (with somebody) (for something) I was forced to plead for my child’s life. pleading eyes plead to do something He pleaded to be allowed to see his mother one more time. + speech “Do something!” she pleaded.
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