[Answer] Thoracoplasty

Answer: Surgical procedure that involves removal of ribs and allowing the chest
wall to collapse around a diseased lung
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. Thoracoplasty is a surgical technique initially designed to permanently collapse tuberculous cavities by resection of ribs from the chest wall.. Thoracoplasty began in 1885 with de Cerenville who resected short segments of two or more ribs anteriorly resulting in collapse of the anterior chest wall.
The meaning of THORACOPLASTY is the surgical operation of removing or resecting one or more ribs so as to obliterate the pleural cavity and collapse a diseased lung.
Pairolero and colleagues reported that the use of selected thoracoplasty combined with muscle transposition afforded a 73% success rate for postpneumonectomy empyema and a 64% success rate for closure of persistent bronchopleural fistulas and precludes protracted drainage and/or extended thoracoplasty .
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Thoracoplasty is a surgical procedure that was originally designed to permanently collapse the cavities of pulmonary tuberculosis by removing the ribs from the chest wall 1-3 . It involved resection of multiple ribs allowed the apposition of par…
Thoracoplasty is a common treatment for people with scoliosis. Thorcoplasty involves shortening select ribs in the chest area. It is a fairly common procedure for people suffering from scoliosis since it works to make the rib hump that is caused by scoliosis…

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