[Answer] third person limited point of view

Answer: narrator does not participate in the story and focuses upon the thoughts
and actions of one or two main characters
third person limited point of view
Third Person Limited. The third-person limited point of view allows the reader to be inside the central character’s head. Everything in the story unfolds from that character’s point of view. The character whose point of view is presented by the author is the third-person limited narrator.
Third person limited is a narrative viewpoint where the story is told from the close perspective of one character. It still mainly utilizes he she and they pronouns but creates the immediacy and intimacy of a first-person narrative without being “trapped inside” a protagonist’s head.
In third person limited although your narrator occupies a limited viewpoint in the scene showing the reader only what a single mind sees hears thinks and assumes you can still alternate between viewpoint characters from section to section.
Third person limited point of view sets up the reader to watch the story over the shoulder of a specific character. The reader learns only what this character sees hears senses smells touches thinks and feels. This character is called the Point of View (POV) Character and the reader is limited to their mind.
Third-person limited: The auth…

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