[Answer] The nuclear membrane dissolves during what phase?

Answer: centromere
The nuclear membrane dissolves during what phase?

In mammals the nuclear membrane can break down within minutes following a set of steps during the early stages of mitosis. First M-Cdk’s phosphorylate nucleoporin …

After phosphorylation by cyclin B/Cdk 1 the nuclear lamina depolymerises and B-type lamins stay associated with the fragments of the nuclear envelope whereas A-type lamins remain completely soluble throughout the remainder of the mitotic phase. The …

Beginning of nucleoli breakdown. The nucleoli begin to break down in prophase resulting in the discontinuation of ribosome production. This indicates a redirection of cellular energy from general cellular metabolism to cellular division. The nuclear envelope stays intact during this process.

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As the female matures the nuclear membrane will dissolve followed by the cell membrane releasing the virions and cell debris into the lumen of the oviduct. Phagocyti…

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