[Answer] The inquiry for a wanted check is usually by?

Answer: name and date of birth
The inquiry for a wanted check is usually by?

An inquiry (also spelled as enquiry in British English) is any process that has the aim of augmenting knowledge resolving doubt or solving a problem.A theory of inquiry is an account of the various types of inquiry and a treatment of the ways that each type of inquiry achieves its aim.

A Terry stop in the United States allows the police to briefly detain a person based on reasonable suspicion of involvement in criminal activity. Reasonable suspicion is a lower standard than probable cause which is needed for arrest.When police stop and search a pedestrian this is commonly known as a stop and frisk.When police stop an automobile this is known as a traffic stop.

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Terry stop – Wikipedia

Sat Feb 19 2005 13:30:00 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) · The National Crime Information Center (NCIC) is the United States’ central database for tracking crime-related information. The NCIC has been an information sharing tool since 1967. It is maintained by the Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and is interlinked with federal tribal state and local agencies and offices.

Thu Jul 17 2003 14:30:00 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) · A citizen’s arrest is an arrest made by a private citizen – that is a person who is not acting as a sworn law-enforcement official. In common law jurisdictions the practice dates back to medieval England and the English common law in which sheriffs encouraged ordinary citizens to help apprehend law breakers.. Despite the practice’s name in most countries the arresting person is usually …

Thu Aug 23 2001 14:30:00 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) · Harry S. Truman (May 8 1884 – December 26 1972) was the 33rd president of the United States serving from 1945 to 1953 succeeding upon the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt after serving as the 34th vice president. He implemented the Marshal…

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