[Answer] The capitalist economy contributes to the present environmental problems in the following way?

Answer: it encourages overconsumption.
The capitalist economy contributes to the present environmental problems in the following way?

Eco- capitalism also known as environmental capitalism or green capitalism is the view that capital exists in nature as “natural capital” on which all wealth depends. Therefore governments should use market-based policy-instruments to resolve environmental problems . The term “Blue Greens” is often applied to those who espouse eco- capitalism . Eco- capitalism is considered as the right-wing …

The growth problem results from the nature of capitalism as it focuses around the accumulation of capital. The innovation of new technologies has an impact on the environmental future as they serve as a capitalist tool in which environmental technologies can result in the expansion of the system.

Eco-capitalism – Wikipedia

Eco-capitalism – Wikipedia

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Eco-capitalism – Wikipedia

Democratic capitalism also referred to as market democracy is a political and economic system that combines capitalism and strong social policies. It integrates resource allocation by marginal productivity with policies of resource allocation by social entitlement. The policies which characterise the system are enacted by democratic governments. Democratic capitalism was implemented widely in the 20th …

In Karl Marx’s critique of political economy and subsequent Marxian analyses the capitalist mode of production refers to the systems of organizing production and distribution within capitalist societies.Private money-making in various forms (renting banking merchant trade production for profit and so on) preceded the development of the capitalist mode of production as such.

Experts often highlight the connection of consumerism with issues like the growth imperative and overconsumption which have larger impacts on the environment including direct effects like overexploitation of natural resources or large amounts of waste from disposable goo…

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