[Answer] The bicoid gene is transcribed by _____.

Answer: nurse cells
The bicoid gene is transcribed by _____.
Embryonically- transcribed hunchback protein is able to exhibit the same effects on Krüppel and knirps as maternally- transcribed hunchback. The Krüppel gene is activated when the bicoid protein gradient declines steeply at the central part of the embryo.
Transcription is the first of several steps of DNA based gene expression in which a particular segment of DNA is copied into RNA (especially mRNA) by the enzyme RNA polymerase.. Both DNA and RNA are nucleic acids which use base pairs of …
The transcript of all four genes-bicoid hunchback caudal nanos are synthesized by nurse and follicle cells and transported into the oocytes. In birds [ edit ] In birds mothers may pass down hormones in their eggs that affect an offspring’s growth and behavior.
The posterior group genes include nanos. Similar to bicoid nanos is localized to the posterior pole as a graded morphogen. The only role of nanos is to repress the maternally transcribed hunchback mRNA in the posterior. Another protein pumilio is required for nanos to repress hunchback.
The structure of a gene consists of many elements of which the actual protein coding sequence is often only a small part. These include DNA regions that are not transcribed as well as untranslated regions of the RNA. Flanking the open reading frame genes contain a regulatory sequence that is required for their expression. First genes require a promoter sequence.
Transcription factors (like all proteins) are trans…

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