[Answer] The bicoid gene is a type of _____ gene.

Answer: egg-polarity
The bicoid gene is a type of _____ gene.
Bicoid (gene) – Wikipedia
Krüppel – Wikipedia
Bicoid (gene) – Wikipedia
Bicoid is a maternal effect gene whose protein concentration gradient patterns the anterior-posterior (A-P) axis during Drosophila embryogenesis. Bicoid was the first protein demonstrated to act as a morphogen. Although Bicoid is important for the development of Drosophila and other higher dipterans it is absent from most other insects where its role is accomplished by other genes.
Bicoid é um gene de expressão maternal cujo gradiente de concentração proteica ao longo do embrião de Drosophila melanogaster define a formação do eixo anteroposterior na embriogênese dessa espécie. Com esse gradiente de concentração essa proteína é capaz de induzir diferentes comportamentos celulares a partir de suas diferentes concentrações ao longo do embrião [1] e dessa …
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Gene . The human ETV6 gene is located at position “13.2” on the short (i.e. “p”) arm of chromosome 12 i.e. its notated position is 12p13.2. The gene has 8 exons and two start codons one located at exon 1 at the start of the gene and an alternative located upstream of exon 3. ETV6 codes for a full length protein consisting of 452 amino acids; the gene is expressed in virtually all cell types …
A gap gene is a type of gene involved in the development of the segmented embryos of some arthropods. Gap genes are defined by the effect of a mutation in that gene which causes the loss of contiguous body segments resembling a gap in the normal body plan. Each gap gene therefore is necessary for the development of a section of the organism. Gap gene…

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