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Answer: land tax
terrirorial subvention
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A total of 1192 subvention programs were implemented in 2018-2020 to the amount of 47.5 billion drams of which 25.5 billion drams came from the state budget 21.5 billion drams – co-financed by local communities and 500 million drams contributed by individual investors. 368 out of said 1 192 programs sought to improve 270 km of intra-community streets 134 – water supply networks 78 – construction of irrigation systems and 161 programs – street lighting etc.
Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Suren Papikyan presented the results of subvention programs: last year in the marzes of the republic in the course of cooperation between the state and community subvention programs worth 16 billion 378 million drams were implemented of which state co-financing makes up 9 billion 597 million drams.
The united territorial communities will receive a UAH 230M subvention for the development of administrative service centers (ASCs) following the government’s decision to redistribute funds within the relevant project.
The Armenian government made a decision today to allocate additionally 532 million drams to finance a set of subvention projects to be implemented in communities across the country. According to Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Development Gnel Sanosyan the total cost of 2…

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