[Answer] slogan

Answer: slogan
Word Origin early 16th century: from Scottish Gaelic sluagh-ghairm from sluagh ‘army’ + gairm ‘shout’.
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slogan : [noun] a war cry especially of a Scottish clan. a word or phrase used to express a characteristic position or stand or a goal to be achieved.
A business slogan is a tagline that describes and represents a brand. A slogan captures a brand’s personality values ideology and mission – all in few carefully selected words. Because it’s one of the first impressions businesses make on consumers and a key component of a brand’s image it’s important to get it right.
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Slogan definition a distinctive cry phrase or motto of any party group manufacturer or person; catchword or catch phrase. See more.
What is a slogan ? The Oxford Languages tells us that a slogan is “a short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising ” which is a pretty accurate slogan definition. Marketing campaigns rely on these “mottos” to help provide a summary of why your brand product or service is so great and what…

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