[Answer] sild

Answer: bridge
Word Origin 1920s: from Danish and Norwegian.
Scrabble Points: 5
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sild : [noun] a young herring other than a brisling that is canned as a sardine in Norway.
Define sild . sild synonyms sild pronunciation sild translation English dictionary definition of sild . n. pl. sild or silds A young herring that is processed as a sardine especially in Scandinavia.
Sild definition (in Scandinavia) any of numerous species of herring. See more.
The Sild were a race that could control other beings by attaching to their bodies and linking into their nervous systems. They would arrive on a planet take over the native population and move on when they had exhausted the resources. The Time Lords considered them such a threat that they imprisoned the entire race on the spaceship Consolidator along with a number of other dangerous devices …
Sild s Journal can be found on a table to the left of the cage trap. The chest Sild placed as bait for his trap is empty but there is a word of power on the Word Wall behind it which is guarded by a leveled drau…

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