[Answer] shook

Answer: shivered
Scrabble Points: 12
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shook : [noun] a set of staves and headings for one hogshead cask or barrel. a bundle of parts (as of boxes) ready to be put together.
Define shook . shook synonyms shook pronunciation shook translation English dictionary definition of shook . n. A set of parts for assembling a barrel or packing box. v. Past tense of shake.
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shook definition: 1. past simple of shake 2. shocked and upset by an unpleasant experience: 3. liking or wanting…. Learn more.
Shook : Directed by Jennifer Harrington. With Daisye Tutor Emily Goss Nicola Posener Stephanie Simbari. When Mia a social media star becomes the target of an …
Shocked or surprised af. Can’t believe what you’re seeing. 1) yoo i got fuckin shook when that girl called…i thought she hated me cuz of last night 2) I got so shook when i turned around and this guy popped up behind me…i thought i was alone 3) (some noises come from…

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