[Answer] round character

Answer: a multi dimensional character with complexity
round character
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In fiction round characters are lifelike figures with complex multifaceted personalities. They possess depth and dimension and often undergo personal development over the course of a story. Round characters are considered an asset to any narrative as they: Make stories more realistic and authentic in their emotion.
A round character is one that is completely fleshed out. This requires careful planning on the part of the writer. You must comb through every aspect of their lives even parts of them that won’t be included in your story.
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Round characters are major characters in a story who encounter contradictory situations and undergo transformation during this phase. Therefore these characters do not remain the same throughout the narrative making their traits difficult to identify from beginning until the end.
Round Character Definition. Round characters (ROWWnd care-ihk-ters) are complex and multifaceted. There’s more to them than what appears on the surface because they have layered personalities and multifaceted backgrounds desires and motivations. These characters are authentically complicated an…

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