[Answer] ringworm

Answer: inko (鸚哥)
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Ringworm often causes a ring-shaped rash that is itchy red scaly and slightly raised. The rings usually start small and then expand outward. Ringworm of the body (tinea corporis) is a rash caused by a fungal infection. It’s usually a red itchy circular rash with clearer skin in the middle. Ringworm gets its name because of its appearance.
Ringworm is a common skin infection that is caused by a fungus. It’s called “ ringworm ” because it can cause a circular rash (shaped like a ring) that is usually red and itchy. Anyone can get ringworm . The fungi that cause this infection can live on skin surfaces and on household items such as clothing towels and bedding.
What are the signs and symptoms of ringworm ? Ringworm is an infection caused by fungus. You can get ringworm anywhere on your skin. On most areas of the skin it causes ring-shaped patches. What you see however changes when ringworm grows on the feet (bottoms and sides) palms nails groin beard area or scalp. Skin with ringworm infection
Ringworm also called dermatophytosis or tinea is a fungal infection of the skin. In spite of its name ringworm isn’t caused by a worm. Learn how to identify and treat ringworm .
Ringworm isn’t a worm. It’s a skin infection that’s caused by moldlike fungi that live on the dead tissues of your skin hair and nails.You can get it in any of these places …
Ringworm causes red ring-shaped patches …

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