[Answer] responding variable

Answer: variable that changes in responce to a minipulated variable
responding variable
The responding variable or dependent variable is a very important part of a scientific investigation. It is the part of the experiment that is observed for some kind of change or effect.
A responding variable is the component of an experiment that responds to change. For example if salt is added to water to see how the pH level changes the water is the responding variable because it is the component of the experiment that changes and reacts to the salt. Every experiment has three components: manipulated variables responding variables and constant variables.
The response variable is the variable that the scientists are trying to measure a change in by changing the independent variable. The response variable is sometimes called the dependent variable as its value is dependent on changes to the independent variable.
A responding variable is the measurement that changes (or not) because of a change made to one (or more) of the input data. For example you want to measure the activity level of ants because of certain criteria (temperature light level etc.). Furthermore what are manipulated variables?
Something that is used for comparison during the experiment. It does not get tested with the variable. Variables Any factor that changes and affects the outcome of an experiment. Independent Variable (Manipulated Variable) The variable that the experimenter dec…

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