[Answer] Recent improvements in ___________ have increased the pace of globalization.

Answer: technology
Recent improvements in ___________ have increased the pace of globalization.
Globalization is associated with a more efficient system of food production. This is because crops are grown in countries with optimum growing conditions. This improvement causes an increase in the world’s food supply which encourages improved food security. Norway
Globalization is derived from Europe colonization of continents in Asia Africa and Americas. However it was underdeveloped until World War II when globalization had been established worldwide. Globalization can be defined as an uneven process that focuses on transforming current social conditions of nationality into a connected international network.
Globalization the flow of information goods capital and people across political and geographic boundaries allows infectious diseases to rapidly spread around the world while also allowing the alleviation of factors such as hunger and poverty which are key determinants of global health. The spread of diseases across wide geographic scales has increased through history.
Globalization . Over the last fifty years world gross domestic product has increased by about five times while trade has increased tenfold over the same period. These data suggests that the intensity of the commercial exchange between countries has developed faster than the overall economy.
Globalization has had major effects on the spread and ascribed value of multilingualism.Multilingualism is considered the use of more than one language by an individual or community of speakers. Gl…

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