[Answer] reactivity

Answer: the property that describes how readily a substance combines chemically
with other substances
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Definition of reactivity : the quality or state of being reactive emotional reactivity chemical reactivity If the brain responding to psychological stress stimulates the release of cortisol and cortisol suppresses the reactivity of the immune system then a dormant viral infection may well flare up or a new one catch hold.
noun the quality or condition of being reactive. Chemistry. the relative capacity of an atom molecule or radical to undergo a chemical reaction with another atom molecule or compound. Physics. a measure of the deviation from the condition at which a nuclear reactor is critical.
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In chemistry reactivity is a measure of how readily a substance undergoes a chemical reaction. The reaction can involve the substance on its own or with other atoms or compounds generally accompanied by a release of energy. The most reactive elements and compounds may ignite spontaneously or explosively.
Reactivity is an interesting phenomenon but it also has a great impact in many situations. Scientists teachers and leaders all need to be aware that reactivity can happen and take steps to overcome it.
Units of Reactivity . Mathematically reactivity is a dimensionless number but it can be expressed by various units.The most common units for research reactors are units normalized to the d…

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