[Answer] Pleuvoir

Answer: to rain
The verb pleuvoir is mainly used as an impersonal verb in 3rd person singular: il pleut. But it can also play the role of an intransitive verb in expressions: for example “les critiques pleuvent” (“the criticism showers down”).
Pleuvoir Is an Impersonal Verb . A rarity in the French language pleuvoir falls into the category of impersonal verbs.That means you will only have to worry about the il forms in the present future and imperfect past tenses.
pleuvoir translation in French – English Reverso dictionary see also ‘pleuviner’ pleuvra’ pleuvait’ pleurs’ examples definition conjugation
Pleuvoir french verb. Pleuvoir belong to the 3 rd group. Pleuvoir is conjugated the same way that verbs that end in : -euvoir. Pleuvoir is conjugated with auxiliary avoir. Pleuvoir is an impersonal verb (conjugation in 3 rd person singular only). Pleuvoir verb is direct transitive intransitive.
pleuvoir to rain. Il pleuvrait ce soir. It might rain tonight. Conjugation . This is a defective verb only conjugated in the third-person. The third…

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