[Answer] Pheroptosis

Answer: drooping of the diphragm
Ferroptosis is a type of programmed cell death dependent on iron and characterized by the accumulation of lipid peroxides and is genetically and biochemically distinct from other forms of regulated cell death such as apoptosis. Ferroptosis is initiated by the failure of the glutathione -dependent antioxidant defenses resulting in unchecked …
Despite recent advances the poor outcomes in renal cell carcinoma (RCC) suggest novel therapeutics are needed. Ferroptosis is a form of regulated cell death which may have therapeutic potential toward RCC; however much remains unknown about the determinants of ferroptosis susceptibility.
For more information download the full Necroptosis and non-apoptotic cell death application guide. Necroptosis pathways and detection. Necroptosis is a programmed form of necrosis that is dependent on activation of receptor-interacting kinase 3 (RIPK3) 2 and the mixed lineage kinase domain-like (MLKL) pseudokinase 3.
Eric Audras Symptoms . The main symptom of proptosis is an abnormal protrusion of the eyes.   Proptosis can result in the bulging out of one eye (unilateral) or both eyes (bilateral). In normal eyes the white part of the eye between the top of the iris (the colored part of the eye) and the upper eye
Proptosis is protrusion of the eyeball. Exophthalmos means the same thing and this term is usually used when descr…

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