[Answer] personification

Answer: a comparison of unlike things using like, as, or than
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Personification definition is – attribution of personal qualities; especially : representation of a thing or abstraction as a person or by the human form. How to use personification in a sentence.
Personification allows for creating humor related to incongruity and even absurdity. Enhance Imagination Overall personification is a literary device that allows readers to enhance their imagination by “believing” that something inanimate or nonhuman can behave think or feel as a human.
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Personification is a literary technique writers use to add human qualities to non-human things. It helps the reader relate to and create a picture in their mind when stars dance or opportunities knock. Explore a few famous examples of personification in literature. Two Sunflowers Move Into the Yellow Room by Nancy Willard
Personification definition the attribution of human nature or character to animals inanimate objects or abstract notions especially as a rhetorical figure. See more.
Personification occurs when a thing or abstraction is represented as a person in literature or art as an anthropomorphic metaphor.
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Personification is when you give an animal or object qualit…

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