[Answer] ¡No me digas!

Answer: Really? You don’t say!
¡No me digas!
No don’t tell me you did all this for me . Oye no me digas que hice todo esto para nada. Listen don’t tell me I did all this for nothing. Y no me digas que fue el sonido del amor. And do not tell me that was the sound of love. Y no me digas que deje ir lo de Amy. And don’t tell me to just let go of Amy.
Te haré preguntas sencillas para que no me digas más de lo que necesito saber. I’ll ask you simple questions so that you don’t tell me more than I need to know.
English Translation of “¡ no me digas !” | The official Collins Spanish-English Dictionary online. Over 100 000 English translations of Spanish words and phrases.
It can mean “you don’t say?” and also “don’t tell me”. Alone no me digas means you don’t say. If used in a sentence such as no me digas eso it means don’t tell me that.
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