[Answer] Mitosis occurs during what phase? This is during the end of the cell cycle.

Answer: G1 Phase
Mitosis occurs during what phase? This is during the end of the cell cycle.

G2 phase – Wikipedia

G2 phase – Wikipedia

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In cell biology mitosis is a part of the cell cycle in which replicated chromosomes are separated into two new nuclei. Cell division gives rise to genetically identical cells in which the total number of chromosomes is maintained. In general mitosis (division of the nucleus) is preceded by the S stage of interphase (during which the DNA is replicated) and is often followed by telophase and cytokinesis; which divides the cytoplasm organelles and cell membrane of one cell into two new cellscontaining roughly equal shares …

Tue Nov 27 2001 13:30:00 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) · The eukaryotic cell cycle consists of four distinct phases: G 1 phase S phase (synthesis) G 2 phase (collectively known as interphase) and M phase (mitosis and cytokinesis). M phase is itself composed of two tightly coupled processes: mitosis …

Mitosis occurs during M phase of the cell cycle and has a number of stages; telophase is the end stage of mitosis when the replication of chromosomes is complete but separation has not occurred. The Cdc7/Dbf4 kinase complex along with another serine-threonine kinase cyclin-dependent kinase (Cdk) phosphorylates the pre-RC which activates it at the G1/S transition.

It follows the successful completion of S phase during which the cell’s DNA is replicated. G 2 phase ends with the onset of prophase the first phase of mitosis in which the cell’s chromatin condenses into chromosomes. G 2 phase is a period of rapid cell growth and protein synthesis during which the cell prepares itself for mitosis.

The phases include the G1 and G2 phases DNA replication or S phase and the actual process of cell division mitosis or M phase . Dur…

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