[Answer] Loophole

Answer: A way of escaping paying a tax, especially when using an omission or
ambiguity in the wording of the law that enacted it., a way of getting
around a law or legal agreement.
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Word Origin late 16th century (denoting an arrow slit): from obsolete loop ‘embrasure’ + hole.
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loophole : [noun] a small opening through which small arms may be fired. a similar opening to admit light and air or to permit observation.
Loophole definition a means of escape or evasion; a means or opportunity of evading a rule law etc.: There are a number of loopholes in the tax laws whereby corporations can save money.
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loophole definition: 1. a small mistake in an agreement or law that gives someone the chance to avoid having to do…. Learn more.
Define loophole . loophole synonyms loophole pronunciation loophole translation English dictionary definition of loophole . n. 1. A way of avoiding or escaping a …
An example of a tax loophole is the tax break for small businesses who invest in ” heavy vehicles”. The tax break applies if the vehicle is used at least 50% of the time for the business. Business owners may exploit this loophole by upgrading their own vehicles to SUVs which are considered “heavy” under the tax law and thereby gain a personal …
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A loophole is an ambiguity or inadequacy in a system such as a law or security which can be used to circu…

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