[Answer] l’aplitude (f)

Answer: die Fähigkeit, die Befähigung
l’aplitude (f)
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The amplitude of a sound wave is the measure of the height of the wave. The amplitude of a sound wave can be defined as the loudness or the amount of maximum displacement of vibrating particles of the medium from their mean position when the sound is produced. It is the distance between crest or trough and the mean position of the wave.
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The amplitude of a function is a measure of the range’s variability: how the function varies between the midline (for example the x-axis) and the maximum. In other words the amplitude is half the distance between the maximum and minimum height or how much the function goes up and down from the horizontal axis.
The meaning of AMPLITUDE is the extent or range of a quality property process or phenomenon. How to use amplitude in a sentence.
Amplitude is the distance between the center line of the function and the top or …

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