[Answer] kõrval

Answer: next to
kõrval . next to. Ma seisin ta kõrval . I stood next to her. alongside (in addition to another activity) Õpetajatöö kõrval tegeles ta ehitusega. Alongside teaching he also used to do construction. compared to. Sinu töö ei ole minu oma kõrval midagi.
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Sõpruse puiestee – 1905(A.Vainola/M. Vaik)vabrikute kõrval seal kus kasvas rohiseisime ja hoidsime me teineteisel käestvabrikute kõrval -seal kus külamehed v…
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Line yos’Phelium descendants of Cantra and Jela; the delm’s blood line; roughly translated by Jela as “Courier Pilot” the delm must be a pilot — the best pilot in the clan “From Cantra forward Korval had kept the ships that came to it. Thirty-one generations of yos’Pheliums had led Korval gathering ships.” Line yos’Galan master traders descendants of Tor An yos’Galan and a dramliza …
adjacent: [adjective] not distant : nearby. having a common endpoint or border. im…

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