[Answer] Keyways are employed in which type of foundation walls?

Answer: they had fans
Keyways are employed in which type of foundation walls?

Parallel keys are the most widely used. They have a square or rectangular cross-section. Square keys are used for smaller shafts and rectangular faced keys are used for shaft diameters over 6.5 in (170 mm) or when the wall thickness of the mating hub is an issue. Set screws often accompany parallel keys to lock the mating parts into place.

Metal tabs in the structural wall are mortared between the stones to tie everything together to prevent the stonework from separating from the wall . Slipform stonemasonry Slipform stonemasonry is a method for making stone walls with the aid of formwork to contain the rocks and mortar while keeping the walls straight. Short forms up to two feet tall are placed on both sides of the wall to serve as a guide for …

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