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Anne Robert Jacques Turgot Baron de l’Aulne (/ t ʊər ˈ ɡ oʊ / toor-GOH; French: ; 10 May 1727 – 18 March 1781) commonly known as Turgot was a French economist and statesman. Originally considered a physiocrat he is today best remembered as an early advocate for economic liberalism.
Turgot applied many of his laissez-faire economic beliefs during his thirteen-year appointment (1761–1774) as chief administrator for the Limoges district under Louis XV and as minister of finance trade and public works from 1774 to 1776 under newly anointed Louis XVI.
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Jacques Turgot 1727-1781. Anne-Robert- Jacques Turgot (Baron de l’Aulne) was perhaps the leading economist of 18th Century France. Although often lumped together with Quesnay and the Physiocrats his contributions were quite distinct and advanced considerably upon Physiocratic theories.
Anne Robert Jacques Turgot was born in Paris on May 10 1727 the third and youngest son of Michel tienne Turgot and Madeleine Francoise Martineau. His father was a government official who helped build the Paris sewage system. An awkward child Turgot didn’t seem to get along with his mother who reportedly cherished fine manners above all.
The French economist Anne Robert Jacques Turgot Baron de I’Aulne (1721-1781) was controller general under Louis XVI. His efforts to reform the Old Regime were thwarted by the failure of the King to support him against the opposition of the privileged classes.
Anne‐ Robert‐ Jacques Turgot was an economist and a statesman. Turgot was associated with the Physiocratic school of economics and was …

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