[Answer] Jacques Necker

Answer: no taxes. high loans
Jacques Necker
Jacques Necker (IPA: [ʒak nɛkɛʁ]; 30 September 1732 – 9 April 1804) was a Genevan banker and statesman who served as finance minister for Louis XVI.
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Jacques Necker (born September 30 1732 Geneva—died April 9 1804 Coppet Switzerland) Swiss banker and director general of finance (1771–81 1788–89 1789–90) under Louis XVI of France.
The French financier and statesman Jacques Necker (1732-1804) served King Louis XVI as director general of finances. His efforts to reform French institutions prior to 1789 and to compromise with the Estates General after the start of the Revolution failed.
Born in Switzerland and trained as a banker Jacques Necker accumulated a considerable personal fortune before becoming Louis XVI’s finance minister. He implemented a rigorous economic policy reducing the crown’s expenditure and imposing structural reforms on the way the royal finances were administered.
Jacques Necker (1732-1804) was a French finance minister and a significant figure in the unfolding revolution of 1789. Born in Geneva Necker was the son of a Swiss law professor but shunned law and instead trained as a banker.
Jacques Necker (September 30 1732 – April 9 1804) was a French statesman of Swiss origin and finance minister of King Louis XVI. Jacques Necker is said by some to have provoked the French Revolution when he convened the ancient French Assembly only to…

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