[Answer] Is this a service mine or a training mine?

Answer: Service(It’s Olive drab)
Is this a service mine or a training mine?

A naval mine is a self-contained explosive device placed in water to damage or destroy surface ships or submarines.Unlike depth charges mines are deposited and left to wait until they are triggered by the approach of or contact with any vessel.Naval mines can be used offensively to hamper enemy shipping movements or lock vessels into a harbour; or defensively to protect friendly vessels …

Background. Mining laws in developed countries require trained equipped mine rescue personnel to be available at all mining operations at surface and underground mining operations. Mine rescue teams must know the procedures used to rescue miners trapped by various hazards including fire explosions cave-ins toxic gas smoke inhalation and water entering the mine .

The M18A1 Claymore is a directional anti-personnel mine developed for the United States Armed Forces.Its inventor Norman MacLeod named the mine after a large medieval Scottish sword.Unlike a conventional land mine the Claymore is command-detonated and directional meaning it is fired by remote-control and shoots a pattern of metal balls into the kill zone like a shotgun.

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A mine clearance organization or demining organization is an organization involved in removal of landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) for military humanitarian or commercial reasons.Demining includes mine clearance (actual removal and destruction of lan…

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