[Answer] Is extinction a natural process?

Answer: YES. Extinction is a natural process. Organisms have been going extinct for all of Earth’s history.
Is extinction a natural process?

For much of history the modern understanding of extinction as the end of a species was incompatible with the prevailing worldview. Prior to the 19th century much of Western society adhered to the belief that the world was created by God and as such was complete and perfect. This concept reached its heyday in the 1700s with the peak popularity of a theological concept called the great chain of being in which all life on earth from the tiniest microorganism to God is linked in a continuous chain. The extinction of a specie…

Human extinction is the hypothetical complete end of the human species. This may result either from natural causes or due to anthropogenic (human) causes but the risks of extinction through natural disaster such as an asteroid impact or large-scale volcanism are generally considered to be comparatively low. Anthropogenic human extinction is sometimes called omnicide.

Extinction is a behavioral phenomenon observed in both operantly conditioned and classically conditioned behavior which manifests itself by fading of non-reinforced conditioned response over time. When operant behavior that has been previously reinforced no longer produces reinforcing consequences the behavior gradually stops occurring. In classical conditioning when a conditioned …

Is extinction of species a natural phenomenon?

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Cloningis a commonly suggested method for the potential restoration of an ex…

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