[Answer] intravrunt

Answer: they entered
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Check ‘ intraverunt translations into English. Look through examples of intraverunt translation in sentences listen to pronunciation and learn grammar.
WordSense Dictionary: intraverunt – spelling hyphenation synonyms translations meanings & definitions.
magnam silvam intraverunt ubi multi cervi erant. subito ingens lupus apparuit. valentem statim petivit et superavit. amici et servi et canes fugerunt quod valde timebant. quintus tamen ad lupum fortiter processit et hastam emisit. ecce! lupum necavit. valens postquam ad villam revenit quinto statuam splendidam dedit. statua erat leo. ‘ego …
Psalm 68 Prayer Audio in Latin. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. {68:1} In finem pro iis qui commutabuntur David. {68:1} Unto the end. For those who will be changed: of David. {68:2} Salvum me fac Deus: quoniam intraverunt aquæ usque ad animam meam. {68:2} Save me O God for the waters have entered even to my soul.
intrāre intrō intrāre intrāvī intrātum (1.) In English: to enter to go into to p…

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