[Answer] Intensive properties

Answer: do not depend on the amount of matter. These include density and color
Intensive properties
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An intensive property is a property of matter that does not change as the amount of matter changes. It is a bulk property which means it is a physical property that is not dependent on the size or mass of a sample. In contrast an extensive property is one that does depend on sample size.
An intensive property is a physical property of a system that does not depend on the system size or the amount of material in the system. According to the definitions density pressure and temperature are intensive properties and volume internal energy are extensive properties .
Intensive properties are bulk properties which means they do not depend on the amount of matter that is present. Examples of intensive properties include: Boiling Point
Intensive properties are those that do not change as the size of an object changes. Extensive properties are those that change as the size of an object changes. The extensive properties scale directly with size i.e. if the size of a system doubles the value of an extensive property simply doubles as well. Intensive properties on the other hand would simply remain constant whether the system size is doubled tripled or changed in any way.
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Mass and volume are extensive properties whereas density is an intensive property. Intensive Properties. The word intensive was derived from “intensives”. Intensive properties are independent of the amount of substance present. Or they are bulk properties. Characteristic doesn’t change. The size of intensive properties does not change. Density temperature pressure etc are some examples of intensive properties.
An intensive property is de…

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