[Answer] inja no ie (隠者の家)

Answer: a hermitage
inja no ie (隠者の家)
Shadow Spot ( 隠者の家 (シャドウ・スポット) Inja no Ie lit. “Hermit House”): His third Noble Art where Nagi creates a hidden room that exists in the space in between shadows which he can enter anytime he wishes and can also let others in. Shadow Spot takes form as a small living room that has gas and water.
隠者 . 隠者の家 … Eremitage f f. 【 隠者の家 】 いんじゃのいえ inja no ie Einsiedelei f f; Eremitage f f. Stichworte links Kanjilexikon Google …
【初投稿】俗世から解脱したい 隠者 がつくる新食感料理・もちもち鶏
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