[Answer] inflammable

Answer: inkaten (引火点)
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Word Origin early 17th century: from French or from Latin inflammare (see inflame).
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Inflammable definition is – flammable. How to use inflammable in a sentence. Why inflammable is Not the Opposite of flammable
Inflammable and flammable are synonyms and mean ‘able to burn’ even though they look like opposites. In this case rather than the prefix in- meaning ‘not ‘ as it often does ‘ inflammable comes from the latin verb inflammare which means ‘to cause to catch fire.’ ‘Flammable’ was coined later from a translation of the latin verb flammare (‘to …
Inflammable is the older by about 200 years. Flammable now has certain technical uses particularly as a warning on vehicles carrying combustible materials because of a belief that some might interpret the intensive prefix in- of inflammable as a negative prefix and thus think the word means “noncombustible.”
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inflammable definition: 1. An inflammable substance or material burns very easily: 2. likely to become violent or angry…. Learn more.
Inflammable …

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