[Answer] In triangle DEF DG = 10 cm. What is CG?

Answer: 5cm
In triangle DEF DG = 10 cm. What is CG?

For the basic inequality a < b + c see Triangle inequality. For inequalities of acute or obtuse triangles see Acute and obtuse triangles.. In geometry triangle inequalities are inequalities involving the parameters of triangles that hold for every triangle or for every triangle meeting certain conditions.The inequalities give an ordering of two different values: they are of the form … A triangle is a polygon with three edges and three vertices.It is one of the basic shapes in geometry.A triangle with vertices A B and C is denoted .. In Euclidean geometry any three points when non-collinear determine a unique triangle and simultaneously a unique plane (i.e. a two-dimensional Euclidean space).In other words there is only one plane that contains that triangle … CG: centerless ground centerless grinding: Center mark: Defines the center of a circle or partial circle. CH: chamfer: CHAM: chamfer: CI: cast iron: No longer a commonly used abbreviation. Better to spell out for clarity. CL or ℄ centreline or centerline; class: 1. Center line the central axis of a feature. 2. DG / DG # – Diesel Generator ('#'- means identification letter ou number of the equipment i.e. DG3 or DG #3 means Diesel Generator Nr 3) DGDS – Dual Gradient Drilling Systems DGP – dynamic geohistory plot (3D technique) [6] Wed Dec...

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