[Answer] in fact

Answer: en fait
in fact
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Synonyms of in fact. 1 to tell the truth. She told authorities she had been home that night when in fact witnesses reported seeing her in town. Synonyms for in fact. actually admittedly forsooth frankly honestly
1 in fact – in reality or actuality; “in fact it was a wonder anyone survived”; “painters who are in fact anything but unsophisticated”; “as a matter of fact he is several inches taller than his father”. as a matter of fact in point of fact.
in fact. Also in point of fact. In reality in truth; actually. For example She was in fact eager to join the club or In point of fact his parents never had much influence on him. The first term dates from about 1700 and the variant from about 1800. See also: fact.
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In fact is commonly used in front position in a clause although in informal situations it may occur in end position: The holiday was…

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