[Answer] If f(x) = 5x what is f-1(x)?

Answer: C
If f(x) = 5x what is f-1(x)?

Sat Sep 22 2001 14:30:00 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) · For instance when D is applied to the square function x ↦ x 2 D outputs the doubling function x ↦ 2x which we named f ( x ). This output function can then be evaluated to get f(1 ) = 2 f (2) = 4 and so on. Higher derivatives. Let f be a differentiable function and let f ′ be its derivative.

In mathematics even functions and odd functions are functions which satisfy particular symmetry relations with respect to taking additive inverses.They are important in many areas of mathematical analysis especially the theory of power series and Fourier series.They are named for the parity of the powers of the power functions which satisfy each condition: the function () = is an even …

The notation f −1 is sometimes also used for the inverse function of the function f which is not in general equal to the multiplicative inverse. For example the multiplicative inverse 1/(sin x ) = (sin x ) −1 is the cosecant of x and not the inverse sine of x denoted by sin −1 x or arcsin x . Only for linear maps are they strongly related …

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Wed Aug 15 2001 14:30:00 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) · The inverse of a composition of functions is given by (∘…

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