[Answer] I live in the____District of ______

Answer: 7th Maryland
I live in the____District of ______
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The District – Wikipedia
The District has a lot in common with West Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver. Together these three municipalities are commonly referred to as the North Shore. Most of the residents of the District live in single-family dwellings. Except for a few more historical areas much of the development of the District has occurred since the 1950s.
A federal district is a type of administrative division of a federation usually under the direct control of a federal government and organized sometimes with a single municipal body.Federal districts often include capital districts and they exist in various federations worldwide.
There are arguments both for and against giving the District of Columbia voting representation in the Congress. Advocates of voting representation for the District of Columbia argue that as citizens living in the United States the District’s estimated 672 228 residents should have the same right to determine how they are governed as citizens of a state. At least as early as 1776 George Mason wrote in the Virginia Declaratio…
The Fraser Valley Regional District is a regional district in British Columbia Canada. Its headquarters are in the city of Chilliwack. The FVRD covers an area of 13 361.74 km². It was created in 1995 by an amalgamation of the Fraser-Cheam Regional District and Central Fraser Valley Regional District and the portion of the Dewdney-Alouette Regional District from and including the District of Mission …
A municipal district (MD) is the most common form of all rural municipality statuses used in the Canadian province of Alberta.Alberta’s municipal districts most of which are branded as a county (e.g. Yellowhead County County of Newell etc.) are predominant…

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