[Answer] how does salt concentration affect enzyme activity?

Answer: Depending on the case salts can precipitate or unfold the enzyme. They can also interact with the active site and disrupt hydrogen binding and binding to ionic residues decreasing or in some cases increasing activity of the enzyme.
how does salt concentration affect enzyme activity?

Several factors effect the assay outcome and a recent review summarizes the various parameters that needs to be monitored to keep an assay up and running. • Salt Concentration: Most enzymes cannot tolerate extremely high salt concentrations. The ions interfere with the weak ionic bonds of proteins. Typical enzymes are active in salt concentrations of 1-500 mM. As usual there are exceptions such as the halophilic algae and bacteria.

Fri Sep 28 2001 14:30:00 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) · Factors affecting enzyme activity . As enzymes are made up of proteins their actions are sensitive to change in many physio chemical factors such as pH temperature substrate concentration etc. The following table shows pH optima for various enzymes .

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Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity: 6 Factors

Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity: 6 Factors

The solubility of proteins varies according to the ionic strength of the solution thus according to the salt concentration . At low ion concentrations (<0.5 M) the solubility of proteins increases with increasing salt concentration an effect termed "salting in". As the salt concentration is further increased the solubility of the protein begins to decrease. At a sufficiently high ionic strength the protein will precipitate out of the solution an effect … Salting out is a purification technique that utilizes the reduced solubility of certain molecules in a solution of very high ionic strength. Salting out is typically used to precipitate large biomolecules such as proteins or DNA. Because the salt concentration needed for a given protein to precipitate out of the solution differs from protein to protein a specific salt concentration can be used to precipitate a target protein. This … In general a 10-fold increase in tris buffer concentration will lead to a 0.05 unit increase in pH and vice versa. Silver-c...

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