[Answer] • How does Polonius plan to prove Hamlet’s love for Ophelia?

Answer: spy on him personally
• How does Polonius plan to prove Hamlet’s love for Ophelia?

In Ophelia’s first speaking appearance in the play she is seen with her brother Laertes who is leaving for France. Laertes warns her that Hamlet the heir to the throne of Denmark does not have the freedom to marry whomever he wants. Ophelia’s father Polonius who enters while Laertes is leaving also forbids Ophelia from pursuing Hamlet as Polonius fears that Hamlet is not earnest about her. In Ophelia’s next appearance she tells Polonius that Hamlet rushed into her room with his clothing ask…

Since Polonius is now sure that Hamlet is lovesick for Ophelia he thinks Hamlet will express his love for her. Claudius agrees to try the eavesdropping plan later. The plan leads to what is commonly called the “Nunnery Scene” [6] from its use of the term nunnery which would generally refer to a convent but at the time was also popular slang for a brothel . [7]

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Polonius is a character in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. He is chief counsellor of the play’s villain Claudius and the father of Laertes and Ophelia. Generally regarded as wrong in every judgment he makes over the course of the play Polonius is described by William Hazlitt as a “sincere” father but also “a busy-body [who] is accordingly officious garrulous and impertinent”. In Act II Hamlet refers to Polonius as a “tedious old fool” and taunts him as a latter day “Jephtha”.

Polonius pushes this point with the King claiming that it is derived from Hamlet’s love for Ophelia (Jean Simmons) Polonius’s daughter. Claudius however is not fully convinced and has Polonius set up a meeting between Hamlet and Ophelia. Hamlet’s “madness” is constant even in this exchange and Claudius is convinced.

Hamlet is walking alone in the hall as the King and Polonius await Ophelia s entrance musing whether “to be or not to be”. When Ophelia enters and tries to return Hamlet’s things Hamlet accuses her of immodesty and cries “get thee to a nunnery” though it is unclear whether this too is a show of madness or genuine distress.

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