[Answer] How does having cells with walls help a leaf to absorb as much energy as possible?

Answer: Cell walls give the leaves support so the leaf can be in a position to capture as much sunlight as possible.
How does having cells with walls help a leaf to absorb as much energy as possible?

Sat Feb 16 2002 13:30:00 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) · Cylindrical cells with the chloroplasts close to the walls of the cell can take optimal advantage of light. The slight separation of the cells provides maximum absorption of carbon dioxide. Sun leaves have a multi-layered palisade layer while shade leaves or …

Palisade cells are plant cells located on the leaves right below the epidermis and cuticle. In simpler terms they are known as leaf cells . They are vertically elongated a different shape from the spongy mesophyll cells beneath them. The chloroplasts in these cells absorb a major portion of the light energy used by the leaf .

Chlorophyll is vital for photosynthesis which allows plants to absorb energy from light.. Chlorophyll molecules are arranged in and around photosystems that are embedded in the thylakoid membranes of chloroplasts. In these complexes chlorophyll serves three functions. The function of the vast majority of chlorophyll (up to several hundred molecules per photosystem) is to absorb light.

Guard cells are specialized plant cells in the epidermis of leaves stems and other organs that are used to control gas exchange. They are produced in pairs with a gap between them that forms a stomatal pore. The stomatal pores are largest when water is freely available and the guard cells turgid and closed when water availability is critically low and the guard cells become flaccid.

Sun Jan 18 2004 13:30:00 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) · Plant nutrition is the study of the chemical elements and compounds necessary for plant growth plant metabolism and their external supply. In its absence the plant is unable to complete a normal life cycle or that the element is part of some essential plant constituent or metabolite. …

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