[Answer] flat character

Answer: a one dimensional character with no complexity
flat character
A flat character is a character with little to no complex emotions motivations or personality. They also don’t undergo any kind of change to make them more well-rounded. In other words they’re the opposite of a ” round character ” who has a fully fleshed out profile and changes throughout the story.
Flat characters will have elements and traits that are recognizably stereotypical. These characters have a limited scope of perspective and opinions. A flat character is not necessarily boring weak or poorly-written. All it means is that they are one-dimensional and not terribly interesting.
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Definition of Flat Character. A flat character is a type of character in fiction that does not change too much from the start of the narrative to its end. Flat characters are often said not to have any emotional depth.
“Flat” refers to a character’s complexity: A flat character can be described as one-dimensional and can be summarized in one short sentence or phrase often using common character types. Flat characters might possess one or two strong cha…

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