[Answer] first person point of view

Answer: the narrator participates in the story
first person point of view
First person point of view is where the writer (or fictional narrator) relates information from their own perspective. Whether they’re telling a story from their past or giving you their opinion of the present if the main pronoun in a piece of writing is ‘I ’ you’re probably dealing with something written in the first person.
First person point of view may also make it easier for writers to connect to their characters as it forces them to put themselves in the character’s shoes in a literal way. Plenty of authors have used this advantage to create autobiographical works that explore personal experiences through a fictional lens allowing readers writers and characters to cross identity boundaries for greater empathy.
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A first person point of view is a character perspective that’s used to relay the thoughts and feelings of a character or entity within a story. First person is defined by the use of I me we us etc.
Defining First Person Point of View. In writing point of view refers to the perspective that writers use to tell a story. The first person point of view tells the story from the perspective of the author or narrator. Because of that it uses first person pronouns like “I ” “we ” “my ” “mine ” “our ” and “ours.”
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