[Answer] Extracellular toxins that need to enter the cell:

Answer: A/B toxins: diptheria toxin, anthrax toxin, cholera toxin
Extracellular toxins that need to enter the cell:
A number of other toxins such as the plant toxin ricin Pseudomonas exotoxin A and cholera toxin take advantage of the ERAD machinery to enter the cell [87–89]. Following binding to gangliosides via its B domains cholera toxin is internalized and trafficked to the ER where the A domain is reduced and unfolded.
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Other toxins active on the cell surface possess an enzymatic activity such as phospholipase C and collagenase and are involved in the degradation of specific cell -membrane or extracellular -matrix components. Three groups of clostridial toxins have the ability to enter cells : large clostridial glucosylating toxins binary toxins and neurotoxins.
Although receptor-mediated endocytosis is designed to bring specific substances that are normally found in the extracellular fluid into the cell other substances may gain entry into the cell at the same site. Flu viruses diphtheria and cholera toxin all have sites that cross-react with normal receptor-binding sites and gain entry into cells.
Pertussis toxin (PTX) is a typical A-B toxin . The A-protomer (S1 subunit) exhibits ADP-ribosyltransferase activity. The B-oligomer consists of four subunits (S2 to S5) and binds extracellular molecules that allow the toxin to enter the cells . The A-protomer ADP-ribosylates the α subunits of heterotrimeric G (i/o) proteins resulting in the …
Collectively these materials are called the extracellular matr…

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